Our Professionalism


  • Commercial building development (shop houses/offices & corporate office towers)
  • Shopping mall, hotel & retail suited development
  • Institutional buildings & medical centers
  • High-rise serviced apartment, SOHO & condominium development
  • Housing development (terrace, semi-D & bungalow)
  • Structural steel works for factories & warehouses
  • Local infrastructures (earthwork, road & drainage, water & sewer reticulation design)
  • Local & structure plan study
  • Elevated water tank, reservoir & sewerage treatement plant
  • Road Bridges
  • Railway

Our Specialties

in civil & structural engineering design

  • Flat slab & thick plate system
  • Deep beam, transfer bean & post-tensioned system
  • Pre-cast & composite system
  • Deep basement excavation with top-down construction methodology
  • Soil retention system (contiguos bored pile, daiphragm wall, pre-cast reataining wall, coffedam & sheet piling)
  • Shallow foundation system (pad, raft, strap, strip footing & piled strip)
  • Deep foundation system (bored pile, caisson, jack-in pile, micropile, pre-cast R.C pile * pre-stressed spun pile)
  • Structural steel works for factories & warehouses
  • Shear wall system, with aluminium system form work, wall form & tunnel form
  • Piled raft & capping beam for basement
  • Earthwork & slope stabilization
  • Water resources & sewer treatment
  • Roads & bridges
  • Railways


The use of post t ensioned slab systems has been conSIStently growing in the recent years.

Typical applications have been:

  • Private residential housing
  • Offices
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & apartments
  • Industrial buildings
  • Transverse prestressing of br idge deck slabs


The main advantages of post tensioned slab over conventional reinforced concrete slab.

May be summarised as follows:

  • Increased clear spans
  • Thinner slabs
  • Lighter structures
  • Reduced cracking & deflections
  • Reduced storey height
  • Rapid construction
  • Better watertightness

Types of Post Tensioned Slab System (PTSS)

The use of post tensioned slab s stems has been conSIStently growing in the recent years.
Typical applications have been:


Solid Flat Slap

Solid Flat Slab
with Drop Panel

Banded Flat Slab

Coffered Flat Slab


Coffered Flat Slab
with Solid Panel

Banded Coffered
Flat Slab

Ribbed Slab

Bean & Slab

Bonded or Unbonded Tendons

Post tensioned slab systems can be constucted using either bonded or unbonded tendons. The relative merits of the two techniques are subject to debate.

The following points may be made in favour of each:



  • Develops higher ultimate flexural strength
  • Does not depend upon the anchorage after grouting
  • Localised the effects of damage
  • Simple technique for demolishing or providing future opening in slab


  • Provide greater available lever arm
  • Reduces friction losses
  • Simplifies prefabrications of tendons
  • Grouting not required
  • Can be constructed faster
  • Generally cheaper